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Have the lambs stopped screaming?
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6th-Nov-2011 12:42 am(no subject)
Magneto! <3

Oh wow. It has been a long year since I have been on here. It is crazy. Well, I'm in college now and I'm doing alright. I guess. Kovu is sick now and I want him to get better, but you never know. I feel like he might not make it. I'll pray for him though. He's a total sweetheart.
So school is passing by so quickly. One minute you're signing up, the next it's finals. I have changed so much this last year that I can't even describe everything. I won't take up your time by doing so, either. I find that the things I once loved in high school, they aren't with me anymore. I've changed for the better. Each passing day I understand more and more.

Ian McKellen is still sexy.

In all seriousness...I want to change my name to Shiloh. That is the coolest name EVER.
Speaking of the coolest thing ever, here is my new love...Yusuke Yamato. <3

11th-Jul-2011 12:31 am(no subject)
Oh my God. It's been so freaking long since I posted on here. Well, graduation went well, I was so ready to leave and get out of there. Mr. Nazario was our lovely name caller. He got my middle name right the at practice, but for some reason at the real graduation....he pronounced it WRONG. *twitch* Oh well, it doesn't matter because I have my high school diploma. <3 I had invited my old preacher to my graduation, and he was in total creeper mode. It's like, now that I'm legal, he's creepin it up. He says these really weird comments to me, that can be taken in a perverted sense and an innocent one. My grandma thinks he's absolutely hilarious. My mom is kind of worried. I LOVE old men, but I don't see me dating one anytime soon. O_O

On another note, I got me a kitten! His name is Kovu! I wasn't supposed to get him, I kind of just bought him without my parents knowing at all, and just brought him home to keep. They don't really care anymore, they love him. :) He loves my other cat, though.
6th-Dec-2010 07:48 pm - ugh...
Well, I guess we can't save them all.
I hope after my doctors appointment I can go shopping. :D I need a cute winter jacket.

First semester is coming to a close, thank God! <3
Graduation Projects are due in January, but thankfully we don't have to do the presentations in front of the class, we schedule ahead and pick a time that we want to present to our teacher. :) Then the judges. :D

I just need to get my things together. I can do this to graduate, I'm not staying in there any longer than I have to. I've had enough of high school as it is...i don't need an extra year.

Christmas is coming up! *excited* I can't wait to get out of school. But OF COURSE, I have to do another freaking presentation before the winter break....ugh. Seniors shouldn't have this amount of stress at school, not even counting the stress at home or where ever else they are recieving it from. I've just been informed that my moms family is coming over to my house for Christmas. Everything has changed since my grandpa died...and it's really not for the best. :/

Oh well. I'm going to go make some icons now. Bye. :))
Who has most influenced you the most creatively, and how?

Well, in music I would have to say David Bowie. He's just amazing in everything he does.
Harry Potter has inspired me over the years as well. There's just something about him. x3
30th-Nov-2010 10:25 pm(no subject)

Sooo...I'm happier than I have been, that's always good I guess. <3 A few days ago, something weird just kinda snapped, and strangely enough, "A Very Potter Musical" helped me through it. :)) I now offically have a new girl-crush. Lmao. Lauren Lopez when she plays Draco Malfoy. xD So cute! Okay, enough about that....I wanna say R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen. <3

You awesome man, you. :3

You Know You're Obsessed with 'A Very Potter Musical' When...

...You've created two 'You Know You're Obsessed When...' threads on two different Facebook groups.

...You describe everything you like as “Totally Awesome!”

...You ship Quirrell/Voldy

...You think that, since you never got your Hogwarts letter, you should transfer to Pigfarts instead

...To fill the void after the videos were taken down, you obsessively watched the amazing ‘Little White Lie’ series

...when you know exactly which lines were edited out of the musical, despite the awesome editing.

...when you check StarKidPotter's facebook page every ten minutes to see if anyone's added any more flair/fanart

...when you started using flair with the sole purpose of adding HP Musical flair

...when you design a calendar based on the show.

...when you post links to the youtube channel on every forum you go to.

...when you watch all the video responses.

...when you subscribe to every youtube channel of every cast member that you can find.

...when the songs on Darren Criss's myspace become your background music while you surf the interweb.

...when you're kicked out of a store because singing "gotta get back to hogwarts" at top volume is scaring the customers.

... when you start doing the "Stupid sister!" thing that Ron does to Ginny whenever one of your siblings acts, well, stupid.

... even if it's your brother...

... you bookmarked the youtube page just so you can get to it more quickly when you have a random desire to watch it.

... you watch it at midnight and have to use headphones (No matter how much you hate them) so you can hear it and the rest of your family can't, because if they do, they will be really angry.

... you walk around public places singing "Granger Danger", and don't notice when people stare because you're too caught up in the song.

... you tell your best friend that they need to watch it, but tell them pretty much everything that happens in it before they have a chance to.
...when your friends get extremely pissed off at you because you constantly tell them to watch it daily, even though you know they already have seen it.
...when you can quote entire scenes line for line, including the parts that have been edited.
...when you re-read the HP series and find serious moments hilarious because you remember the musical version.
...when you now think Zac Efron posters are boss even though you previously thought they were obnoxious.
...when you walk into a convenience store and see a Hershey's bar and do Ron's "...and I know it's her fault, that BITCH" routine.
... you sing "danger granger" or any other song from the musical in public and don't even care about the looks you get.
... spend most of your time checking the facebook page and the youtube channel just in case something new comes up.
... you think about using twitter only to get news from StarKidPotter though you always thought twitter is a waste of time.
... you've got a desktop icon named "totally awesome" that directly links to the musical, so you get there faster.
... you can't stop talking about AVPM and your not-harry-potter-fan friends already think you're going nuts.
... you totally freak out about the fact, that Darren's got family in your home town and can't think about anything else a whole day ^^

...when you suggest random people that you meet at work watch it.
...when you single-handedly reenact your favourite parts (such as Draco rolling on the floor) at the public pool.
...when you lose folowers on twitter because of your #verypottermusical spamming.
...when you don't care that you're losing followers and keep spamming, anyway.
...when you wish you had any sort of artistic skill so you could add to the totally awesome fanarts/flairs.
...When you act out the scenes move-by-move like in the show, as you're singing the songs.
...When you wake up with AVPM songs stuck in your head.
...When all you can draw is fan art for AVPM.
...When you play the videos just to listen to them as you fiddle about on the computer.
...When you listen to the songs over and over and over again, to write out the lyrics just to have them on paper.
...When you make references daily.
...When you spend most of your time making AVPM flairs and giggling over them.
...When you and your friends start thinking up shirt designs.
...When you spend your morning listing the symptoms of obsession on the AVPM discussion board.
...when you can literally recite the entire musical from memory.
...when people start to give you the evil eye because the only thing you can talk about is HP the musical and when you're not talking about it you're singing songs from it.
...when you tell everyone you know and everyone you meet (even total strangers) about it.
...when you think that transferring to the University of Michigan wouldn't be such a bad idea.
...when you are able to tell people every line that was cut out of the edited version word for word.
...when you want to be an astronaut just so you can meet Rumbleroar.
...when you wish that the books were more like the musical.
...when you watch the videos in search of a quote that people haven't talked about yet.
...when you're willing to sponsor Darren Criss's career.
...when the only things you eat are the kinds of junk food Ron eats.
...when your reason for complaining about your neighbor's loud music is that it will wake Rumbleroar's slumbering cubs.
...when you have a homemade dark mark on your arm that you'll never wash off.
...when Voldemort's flootube channel convinces you to watch 17 Again.

I got these off of Facebook. They're so good. xD

15th-Nov-2010 08:38 pm - Writer's Block: Time for a reboot
Which phrase would you choose to replace the ubiquitous "Have a nice day" phrase?

"David Bowie is watching you. :)"
15th-Nov-2010 08:35 pm - Writer's Block: Passing the time
What's your favorite thing to do on long car rides?

My favorite thing to do on a long car ride is to listen to my i-Pod. When I listen to it, I just zone out and go into my own world and forget about everything else.


I watch a movie. <3
11th-Nov-2010 10:11 am - Pic Spam.

Due Date was really awesome! <3

Now, I'm really in an Elijah Wood mood right now...so yeah. Here's a bunch of pics. <3


Okay, that's more of a Dominic and Elijah picspam....oh well. :)

Here's Mick Jagger....uh...explaining something. . . XD

31st-Oct-2010 09:12 pm - Writer's Block: Captain Planet
If everyone had their own small planet to live on and care for (like in The Little Prince), what would your planet be like?

My planet would only play David Bowie, Barry Manilow, and Rolling Stone music on the radio. And my planet would be attached to Keith Richards. XP It would be colorful and fun, ((but not blindingly colorful o_O)) and  it would be normal to spontaneously burst into song. :D
31st-Oct-2010 08:54 pm - Okay, so WOW.
Yeah, Spirit Week was actually pretty fun and I actually dressed out for each day! <3
Which, for me, is totally unusual because I hate school and anything to do with it. BUUUT..if you go to a uniform school and you are given an oppurtunity to actually wear normal clothing, then you take that option. :)

Then, that Friday we had a pep rally and we went to fourth friday and saw those belly dancers...WITH FIRE. XD One of them looks like Barbara Walters. :D And there were zombies, but whatever. >:D

Monday we wore pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. :)
Then Thursday we had a well-deserved dress down day and Friday there was NO SCHOOL. BUT the highlight of that entire week was TUESDAY OCTOBER THE 26TH! I stayed home...and freaking bought Keith Richards' new book LIFE less than an hour after the bookstore opened. XD *LOVE* It's pretty good. :D And there are LOTS of pictures. XD Johnny Depp + Keith Richards. <3

Halloween was pretty cool! Too bad no one was trick or treating because it was sunday. Next year people can trick or treat on Halloween because it shall be a Monday. <3

For Halloween, I was Keith Richards. XD Wow, big surprise. ;P

Well, I'm not looking forward to the rest of this year anymore. :(
Lindsey's moving and my friend got this lying brat "pregnant". Please...

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