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Have the lambs stopped screaming?
6th-Dec-2010 07:48 pm
Well, I guess we can't save them all.
I hope after my doctors appointment I can go shopping. :D I need a cute winter jacket.

First semester is coming to a close, thank God! <3
Graduation Projects are due in January, but thankfully we don't have to do the presentations in front of the class, we schedule ahead and pick a time that we want to present to our teacher. :) Then the judges. :D

I just need to get my things together. I can do this to graduate, I'm not staying in there any longer than I have to. I've had enough of high school as it is...i don't need an extra year.

Christmas is coming up! *excited* I can't wait to get out of school. But OF COURSE, I have to do another freaking presentation before the winter break....ugh. Seniors shouldn't have this amount of stress at school, not even counting the stress at home or where ever else they are recieving it from. I've just been informed that my moms family is coming over to my house for Christmas. Everything has changed since my grandpa died...and it's really not for the best. :/

Oh well. I'm going to go make some icons now. Bye. :))
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